Before we go on, there should perhaps be a label warning that this is going to be a "crazy-cat-lady-who-can't-stop-taking-pictures-of-cats" (or of her kids for that matter) kind of post.

So in any case should this sound somewhat unappealing to you, it might be good to turn off your browser right now.

If not, do meander on as I ramble :)

This place we went to actually feels more like a cafe with cats, rather than a cat cafe. Seems like they did a move from their original location in Imbi. I wonder why.

Not that there was a lack of felines.

They were everywhere.

This one was a favourite. It was sleeping the whole time beside somebody's coffee.

I wish it would come sleep beside mine.

First time I've heard of croffles actually... ...

... ...though these were really good.

For almost two hours, the girls were in their "la-la land".

And so was I in mine.

@Monster. A Garden Cafe

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