Out with the gang at Bukit Bintang for a walk. The cherries on the wall say it all.

I'm not sure what it is about old buildings, but I really love them. This artsy one called Zhongshan Building was a 1950s' which used to be an association and then an old hostel.

Le Tommy Baker in the courtyard.

Lovely, lovely details here... ...

... ...and here.

My little gila* monsters. 

(*singlish dictionary - meaning: mad, origin: malay)

We were too early for Piu Piu Piu, which was a pity.

I would like to sit here next time.

She wanted a photo with the plants #crazyplantladyintraining, which by the way, I spy a pricey polka dot begonia on the left #therealcrazyplantlady

The colourful Ana Tomy. The girls bought postcards.

Hmm... ...that reddish orange Kodak tint. But at 17 dollars a roll, I would have to cough up blood for Fuji. Must I say, film photography has been elevated from an expensive hobby to a VERY expensive hobby.

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