She is two, and no longer a baby. 

Running, scooting, asking lots of questions... ...'Where?', "What happened?" and when I say no, 'Why?'. 

Strange fondness for crocodiles and snails (my older girl likes dinosaurs and sharks).

A total plane-spotter (we're near the airport), though it's ironic that she's born in an era where nobody can take a plane.

Still lacking prepositions in her dialogue... ...'Go (with) Mama!', 'Meimei sit (on) chair!'.

Highly addicted to her purpur (she can't manage the 4-syllabur 'pacifier' yet), which we'll probably need to wean her off at some point, though as your average second-time parents, we're mostly adopting a relaxed 'we'll see' attitude *lol*.

Happy birthday my little peanut, don't grow up too fast.

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