My natura classica has died. In Ipoh. It is out of production and my heart is broken. It ate up 2 good rolls of my Agfa (thank goodness it wasn't the Portra) before miraculously reviving for a short while, so these are all I have from Ipoh. I'll have to bring it to the camera hospital and hope that they still have the parts to fix it. Meanwhile, I guess I still have my not-so-good old phone camera.

We were in Ipoh on a Wednesday, which was kind of unlucky because a lot of shops were closed, but on the flip side it was kind of peaceful. Nothing especially unforgettable about this trip (we did eat a lot) but it was a really nice way to spend some time with family.

Next time Penang might be good.


  1. oh, hope your classica could be saved, or it’s your good chance to have a new one!!! hahaha

    so pity could not join your ipoh trip...maybe penang one >v<

    1. Was thinking about you the whole trip. HC's parents also said what a pity. Never mind! There are always other and better times! We welcome you anytime. Oh and pea said please bring your white bunny to our house NOW hahaha.

    2. BTW I don't know what new one to get, I don't know of any film camera still in production... ...