We took a very short overnight trip to small town Taiping, my father-in-law's hometown (and where HC had so many good childhood memories) with family during the Chinese festive holidays this year.

Things I remember fondly from the trip:

Lots of interesting-looking old facades and shops, too bad most of them were closed. Oh, and I realized that old town gems like Taiping really needs to be explored on foot. 

The little pea happily dipping in every puddle of water she could find. We had to literally drag her away from the Burmese Pool.

Beautiful raintrees in the Taiping Lake Garden, more than a hundred years old.

A quick poke around a pre-war abandoned mansion, before getting beaten off by the big swarms of mosquitoes. 

Dropping by one of the oldest coffee mills in the country, where the pea had a field day being fed mugs and mugs of free hot chocolate by Ah Ma.

Taking a turn-off to little fishing village Sepetang before hitting the highways.

And finally, perhaps not so fondly, remembering that four-hours turned eight-hours trip back home. Oh but the restaurant we stumbled upon halfway through the jam (assam curry!) was so good.


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    1. Yah everyone was so nice and accommodating to her, she was like a 'queen pea'.

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    1. Me too! I didn't know raintrees can behave like that too. We usually only see sakura trees like that right?

  3. oh yes! it’s so cool if it blossoms like sakura! flower tunnel (imagination mode...) hahaha!

  4. She is sooo adorable! Always good to visit you in this space. Your pictures are as lovely!


    1. She drives me nuts sometimes (brrr), haha but good to hear from you Karen!

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