It was an unforgettable day.

Firstly, it was the little Pea's second birthday and we wanted her to have fun at a kiddy themepark. The day started out harmless enough, traffic was good, we loaded up on onigiris, we sang and laughed in the car.

When we reached the park, the sky was grey. Wind was howling. Temperatures dipped (and continued to dip into the afternoon). Fog rolled in. There was nobody. No rides were moving. It was sad.

In the end, it was the bunnies in bunnyland who saved the day. We spent the day visiting the Sylvanian Families in their homes. Another consolation was, I could snap to my heart's content, there was no one else to get into my shots.

Oh and in case you're wondering, yes everything was really life-sized :)

@Grinpa Park

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