Little Miyanoshita was really a chance encounter this time round. I usually stay in the bigger towns in Hakone but due to our haphazard fly-in-two-weeks schedule we were out of options.

But it was a lucky thing, because we really liked it there.

Quiet enough to make us feel that we were really in the mountains but not lacking in the Lawsons and 7-elevens.

A lot of the eateries and shops were old, and looked like there have been there for a very long time.

And it's especially atmospheric when the fog decides to sweep in at night.

Of course one does not mention Miyanoshita without talking about the Fujiya Hotel.

I don't know how something can succeed in being so Japanese and Western at the same time.

I wonder what Albert Einstein and John Lennon thought of it.

Built in 1878, I find it rare that it's still a fully functioning hotel.

Beautiful beautiful details.

And I really liked that they were not afraid to leave things as they were.

Next time, I would really like to try checking-in.


  1. This looks truly magical and goes straight on my list for day trips from Tokyo. The town and hotel look like they were straight out of a Japanese Wes Anderson movie.

    1. I love Wes Anderson! Interesting that you mentioned it. Hakone is nice that we it has a bit of everything, nature, museums, onsen etc, but I find it a little tiring as a day trip, staying there for a night or two would be nice!