I wanted to start off my Osaka posts with the perfect day.

As all perfect days go, this one was bright and sunny, with a little welcoming spring breeze. There were good food, uncrowded spaces and random walks of no particular destination in mind (very baby-led).

A late lunch at Truck, a furniture and cafe place we've been wanting to go for a long time (try their 'Bird' rice and donuts). We were lucky to be one of the few customers and lingered for a long time. I've heard that the queue goes on for hours during the weekends.

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the neighbourhood (tummy happy with food) and found the nicest little playground by a school. It was nothing special by Japanese standards (believe me, we did a lot of playgrounds during our trip there) but there were these little pockets of green... ...hundreds of thousands of dandelions and clovers and little wild flowers growing un-manicured in and around it. 

All these unfortunately doesn't make for a very exciting post, but it was to me a completely charming end to the most ordinary of days.

Let's hope for more trips like these. 

@ Truck Furniture Store & Bird Coffee

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