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Denmark's design shrine - HAY. If it wasn't for the 25% VAT I would have been in great danger. That said, I did seriously consider lagging back a coffee table.

Copenhagen's longest and most famous shopping street, the Strøget. You can find all kinds of high street and luxury brands here, but I would suggest you just take a stroll one time and go somewhere lots more fun like Nørrebro instead.

Lunch was at an unexpected place with an irresistible sign saying 'Probably the oldest restaurant in town'. We walked in and happily found out that on top of the authentic food and good service, they brewed their own beer too. The charming handwritten receipt said 'since 1787'.

Dropping by the Designmuseum Danmark to see Hans Wegner's chairs. I love exhibitions that lets you sit, touch, stick your face up-close and short of destroying the exhibit, do whatever you like. Afterall, as the designer said, "A chair isn't finished until someone sits in it."

A photo of the designer on the right discussing ideas with friends. That's Borge Mogensen on the far left. What struck me was how unassuming these designer greats look, you probably won't give them a second glance on the street, which makes me wonder why young creatives nowadays sometimes try so hard to 'look the part' with their funky hair and clothes. It's what's inside and what comes out of you that counts.

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