At and around the Kurino station in Kagoshima. I can't remember why I had forgotten to upload these before with the rest of the Kyushu photos, but here they are.

Waiting to drop off a roll at the lab tomorrow. Last week had been a fun one with friends dropping in from HK and Tokyo. HC and I played tour guide and I got the chance to pick up my Minolta again while doing a bit of exploring around the island.

Trying not to let the blog lay fallow for so long. I had a grand total of 1 post in March and this is already April! Will post something again soon, meanwhile hope everyone gets a good recharge before the new week begins.

Oh and just in case you might be interested, a great book that I've been eating up in chunks. It makes me feel less bad about wanting to potter around at home all the time ;)


  1. I would totally get that book! That's for mentioning it.

    Btw, I am leaving for Tokyo this week and was wondering if you have any cafe recommendation or just any place nice in particular to visit in Japan, something that's a little less touristy (my introversion can explain that!) :)

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Fran, you're going to Tokyo! That's so exciting. I'm not too sure what you might be keen on, but you might want to go through Hiki's blog (http://jollygoo.blogspot.sg/). It has so many great recommendations for places to visit.

      For cafes, there are a few favourites that I have. There's Cafe Ikanika but which is a little out of the way and difficult to find. Then there's the A to Z Cafe, which is a collaboration between Yoshitomo Nara and design firm Graf. There is also Hara Donuts, oh no I can really go on and on.

      Oh if you have sometime you might like to check out Jiyougaoka too :) Have lots of fun!

  2. i love these train shots! such a sucker for them, actually.

    thanks for the link to the book, i hadn't heard of it :)

    1. Haha that makes the two of us, if given a choice between plane, bus or train, I always go for trains.

  3. Never really thought of you as an introvert, but now that you mention it... Hmmm

    What happened to the noisy girl who loves talking to everyone?? Hahaha

    1. I never thought of myself as much of an introvert too, but the author has an interesting definition of introversion, and I do like to potter around at home!

      As for where that noisy girl went, gosh I think it's age... ...hahaha.


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