Yes we're back from Kyushu and there's lots to share! This has been a very classica trip, I took barely 2 rolls with my Minolta. Somehow being in Japan always makes me want to pull out my classica.

Above are photos shot on our first full day in Kyushu. We landed in Hakata in the evening, stayed a night and hopped on the newest shinkansen line in Japan the next day all the way down to Kagoshima. I think I have to mention here that there wasn't exactly any sights we wanted to see there actually. I saw pictures of interesting trains (love!) in the guidebook and HC saw kurobuta (the place is famous for them), and somehow suddenly Kagoshima was on our itinerary.

Also check out the cutest train ever, the Ibusuki no Tamatebako. I was one happy girl in it all the way down to Ibusuki :)

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