On our last day in Wellington, we had breakfast at a nice little place near our hotel - Cafe Breton.

At first I thought the french decor thing was just a theme.

Until I overheard all the staff chatting in french.

My La Kiwi  buckwheat crepe, afterall I am in New Zealand!

We chanced upon this street on the way back from the Dowse Museum the day before. The shops looked interesting so we went back.

Little did we know that it's actually quite famous. And that it even has its own webpage.

Another surprise because HC wanted to peep at the sea. The Petone Settlers Museum.

We learnt what happened between the Pākehā (European settlers) and the Māori. It got us thinking.

Back at the city center later that day.

Aren't the banks in the olden days gorgeous? I probably would have had to get all dressed up just to take out some money.


  1. all beautiful photos, but that first one got me hooked!

    1. Thank you! I love food pictures too, never tire of them.

  2. I have Ella playing in the background and with this set of pictures- just put me in the mood to be somewhere again :)

    1. The lady of jazz? Somehow it doesn't surprise me at all that you listen to her, great taste :)

  3. beautiful photos! a street with a site of its own? that's interesting! what's the cement plate with the letters on it by the beach?

    1. It is actually part of the Wellington Writers Walk project where they carve out bits of text from works of famous NZ writers in the stone slabs. The one I shot was a piece from a poem by Denis Glover.

      "The harbour is an ironing board:
      flat iron tugs dash smoothing toward
      any shirt of a ship any pillowslip
      of a freighter they decree
      must be ironed flat as washing from the sea."

      You might be interested in the link here: http://www.wellingtonnz.com/sights_activities/wellington_writers_walk

  4. these are so beautiful. you're so talented, shirley!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Wellington is so beautiful it makes everything easy!


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