First day in Wellington. A bit of blue at last.

It was Waitangi Day.

The prominent Te Papa museum, good place to visit but I was surprised there weren't more of them in Wellington compared to a lot of other capital cities.

A getting-to-know session with Katherine Mansfield. I think we understand each other.

Getting back to a low-carbon life after driving everywhere for a week. I have to admit, it took some getting used to.

Rule-of-thumb for us in foreign country. When in Rome, drink what the Romans drink. This time it was mostly Speights all the way.

Designed and made-in-NZ souvenir. We went home with the stag head but it was a close call between that and the bear.

Lots of vintage on Cuba Street. I liked the bohemian vibe.

Last stop for Day One was the Wellington Botanic Gardens. I'll remember it as a long and wonderful walking day.

Poor Day Two was too lazy a day to warrant a post on its own, so here it is. Sleeping in late and a rainy trip to the Dowse Museum.

What to do when it's windy out... ...

... ...a hot drink, a long chat, and lots of comfort food :)


  1. I'm enjoying looking through your lens, would love to visit wellington one day and defintely approving more of the cardboard heads!

  2. You know it was embarrassing but we didn't even realize Wellington was the capital city until a while later because everything felt so nice and laid-back even though we were staying right in the city center. Oh the trophy heads are actually made up of thin wood slabs, we thought it was cardboard at first too because of the colour :)

  3. what a choice between the stag and the bear ;) and a fun-filled time with walks too!

    1. I guess most people would have gone for the stag, though the bear had an uncanny resemblance to the real thing. Which would you have chose?

  4. the stag looks good. if only they had giraffes ;).. but no one hunts giraffes, too cute!