I need a little bit of chicken soup today.
I need to believe, that there are good people, with good hearts.
No scheming, no backstabbing... ...no saying this and doing that.

I think of these people I know. 
I count them.

And the world somehow righted itself again.


  1. I really love this photo. Good thoughts.

  2. what a gorgeous photograph.

    i am glad the world righted itself for you.

  3. Positive thinking. Love this picture.

  4. since you can count them, they do exist; which is good news. there were times i wondered & counted too !
    one could almost feel the gentle breeze behind these airy curtains... pretty !
    be hopeful, be well x

  5. Ooh, what a dreamy photo! And that is some of the most lovely, positive thinking I have heard all week.

  6. such beautiful light. great picture!

  7. Beautiful photo

    I really love your blog!
    which camera do you use? and how do you edit your pictures?

  8. Mdmslle: =)

    alexandria, kitchu, studio meez: Thank you so much for your kind words. It lifted me right up.

    janis: I will! Thank you!

    un arc-en-ciel dans le lavabo: That is so encouraging to hear. When things get bad it's so easy to think that it's only you isn't it? Thank you =)

    Junaluska, jkd: I'm so glad. Hope it was a little bit of comfort for you as well.

    Andrea: Thank you!^^ I use an analogue camera, the Minolta X-700. Actually I don't edit anything at all except maybe to resize it. I think the film itself does all the work. What about you?

  9. Hi Shirley, here's to a peaceful long weekend and to chicken soup and sugared biscuits here's to better days ahead!