I was out when the phone call came yesterday, and the people who immediately came to my mind, HC's little brother, my homestay family, friends, close ex-colleagues. The lines were congested and nothing got through until late evening when the emails started coming in.

Some had been walking for more than 6 hours trying to get home, some were staying over in their offices for the night with the transport down. Some told me of having no electricity in their homes in this winter cold, but luckily none of them were hurt. 

Scarier than the earthquake itself perhaps, were the tsunamis and fires seen on NHK. They are still registering aftershocks and tsunami warnings now.

Our hearts go out to Japan today, there's no need for more words.


  1. that's good that you had news from people close to your heart....

  2. I'm so glad to hear you and your loved ones are safe Shirley..

  3. I love your photograph. I can't imagine the feeling on having to wait for news. I'm glad your close ones are safe.

  4. Elisabelle, Karen & Brenda: Thanks for your sweet words, it is very disturbing and I'm afraid I'm still very disturbed... ...

  5. we saw the news and it was scary. CS emailed waka san and he's fine. hope it turns out better soon. u take care

  6. Oh I can't recall where Waka san is, should be in Tokyo? Glad he's okay, you guys be careful over there too.


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