I've always liked 'after' more =)

Going for my first translator job interview tomorrow, not sure how that 'after' will turn out. Will update again soon.


  1. oooh i'm so glad i came across your blog. my fiancé and i are thinking of moving to asia for teaching once i'm done, so i love looking at blogs based in asia!!

  2. Ohh.. Good luck!! Where's this place anyway, looks nice. Btw about the beanie, was joking lah, hehe anyway also dunno if u hv time in KL. Cya this fri! can't wait!!

    Oh try doing a guest post on our blog leh, see can or not

  3. Hi Janis, i'm glad too^^ let me know if you need any questions answered on asia (I'll try my best!).

    Cho Seng, Wendy, Kit Cat, haha it's the PS cafe at dempsey, nice but a bit atas though. You know they just opened a new one at Ann Siang and they have this sign that says "sorry but no children please". Atas right?

  4. Good Luck, my dear!~
    Hey, I received the sponges, thx!!

  5. ooh, i eat my cake (?) like that too. i never finish my cake when they're too dry. anyway, i hope your interview went well! :)

  6. Hello my dear Brenda, I was just going to email you about the sponges, I sent them weeks ago! Glad they got to you safely^^

    Hi long limbs, thanks it did go well I think =) I'm kind of a messy eater actually haha.