To be honest, I haven't touched a digital camera in years. I kind of gave up on them after I "discovered" film and mechanical cameras. But recently HC bought a Panasonic GF1. I got it for him in Tokyo for half the retail price (!!!) and I've been playing with it with interesting results. One thing I've realized for sure, it's definitely more of a breeze to chase our orange cat with the digital (try manual focusing on a cat who won't keep still).

Sometime back I also got a gift in the mail (thanks B!), a book called 「かわいい猫が撮れる本」(How to get cute shots of your cat) and now with the digital I'm going to put the techniques in the book to the test at last! So here's the start of the series "Hello Jiji".

Edit>> Her name is pronounced as ジジ (as in "gigi"). She was named after a Japanese cat character in a Ghibli anime.


  1. lovely cat !
    enjoy your digital camera and thank you for visiting my blog.

  2. Hi Lotte, thanks for dropping by!

  3. okay so i have been scrolling through so much of your blog in google reader, LOVING... as in LOVING your work. you are such an amazing photographer.

    and your cat is so adorable. then i see she is named the the same name as our cat, from Kiki's Delivery Service :) we are avid anime fans in this house! and even though our cat is a girl, she might as well be a true Jiji (boy of the film) because she is such a tomboy!

  4. Hi Kitchu, thanks a lot for being so kind, to be honest sometimes I look at what I shoot and wonder what exactly was I shooting *lol*

    It's funny because our Jiji is also a girl!! And she's also such a tomboy!

    If you love the anime, I think you'll love this Swedish island called Gotland, apparently Miyazaki san based the little town in the anime on a town called Visby on that island. We went last year and it was incredible!