Just came back from a walk around the neighbourhood in downtown Mankato, and thought I'll upload some Japan photos while I defreeze in front of the radiator. Temperature's hovering around zero to minus here, and the people are wearing next to nothing, crazy. I hate long johns so I usually do without them, and I was expecting to be frozen but surprisingly my Muji jacket and Uniqlo sweater were keeping me warm and toasty even after an hour and half outside. If you want something cheap and good I highly recommend them.

It's a really small town with hardly anything for sightseeing, but I had fun looking at the cute houses and the few churches they have. Took a few polaroids which came out with an interesting tint, probably because of the chemicals reacting with the cold air. 

It's been around 10 years since I've been to the States, I've forgotten how huge everything is, the streets, the buildings, even the milk cartons in the supermarket. It's quite a shock after minuscule Tokyo.

Taking a nap and then out for dinner. Will upload more photos tomorrow. 

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4.5.6>> Yoyogi Stadium

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