Asuka is the kind of place that looks very good in the guidebooks, but when you're actually there, can't really seem to find anything to see. The place was supposed to be the center of the Asuka era, roughly from around A.D500s to 700s. We made a side trip there from Nara on the second day, but even looking at the photos now, I still can't really remember exactly what we saw. So if you're planning a trip to Nara, and Asuka is somehow listed on your guidebook, my advice is... ...give it a miss (unless you're really really into the countryside).

I remembered it was a nice warm day though, we walked a lot and there were a lot of fields. Took a lot of photos (even though there was nothing!), we saw orange trees and had "purple rice" for dinner. The place is supposed to be famous for them.

Today in Minneapolis>>
Lots and lots of snow today! I was out walking and killed a few rows of film. Will get them developed and uploaded after I return to Tokyo this weekend^^

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