Just a little disclaimer, I don't know much about art. My knowledge of it is probably only a little bit better than what I know of dance (and I know nuts about dance). But I did enjoy the Moderna Museet or Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm.

They were having a special roaming exhibition of Ed Ruscha, an American painter, photographer, filmmaker and the list continues. I didn't know who he was, I just liked his works. Somehow they reminded me more of a graphic ad, or maybe a photo more than what we usually know of snobbish high brow art. I liked the colours, the lines, the funny messages he would print across landscape paintings, I actually laughed out loud at quite a few of them.

I caught part of his video interview, and he was talking about how he tends to see our world as made up of big and little boxes, think buildings, trucks, tables, TVs, you get the picture. And I found that interesting too.

It was only much later after some googling that I found out this guy's supposed to be way up there in the league of Andy Warhol. Not as well-know perhaps, but I must say I like him much better.

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