The first thing that struck us when we got into Thelins for breakfast on that day was, "hey they've got a beeping queue number thing that you get at the polyclinics". That was one of my first few days there and as the days followed I realized that they have this beeping thing everywhere, even in a wet market that we stumbled upon somewhere near Ostermalmstorg (the little stalls selling vegetables and meat all served via queue numbers). 

It was fun though, choosing among the piles of bread and finally going to a little machine to pull out a number tab. The interesting thing is, you're not getting a tab to collect your food like sometimes what you get in Singapore, you're getting a tab so that they know who to take orders from first.

The bread was tasty and we were happy for a while, until we walked out, turned a corner and saw Swedes tucking into these little trays of bacon, eggs and pancakes at another cafe we somehow missed earlier on, urgh.

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